Analysis of Financial Statement

The Purpose:

In order to inform the decision makers as an integral part of the Company Management, shareholders, creditors, investors, presentation to public , mergers and acquisitions;

Assessment of financial structure and sustainability by analyzing the financial statements, financial data and off-balance sheet liabilities and rights of the Company for an accounting period. In other words; to assess the asset, resource, owner’s equity, profitability and cash flow position and to support the company's future design.

Identify the relative position and status of the company by comparing it with the financial results of similar or leading companies in the same sector.

The Concept:

A-The following tables are evaluated / prepared by considering the general structure of the balance sheet and income statement and the elements forming the tables;


  • Fund flow statement
  • Cash-flow statement
    • Direct method
    • Indirect method
  • Statement of profit appropriation
  • Statement of changes in equity
  • Statement of cost of goods sold

 B- The generated tables are examined through the techniques used in financial position analysis;


  • Analysis of comparative tables (Horizontal analysis)
  • Percentage analysis (Vertical analysis)
  • Trend analysis
  • Ratio analysis
  • Current value analysis of cash flows

Financial Statement for Who?

  • For corporate management
  • For local creditors
  • For a tax-oriented approach
  • For international creditors and / or possible co-operation

Types of Financial Statement

Balance Sheet

  • In terms of the date of issue
    • Balance at beginning of year
    • Balance at end of year
    • Interim balance sheet


  • In terms of financial analysis


  • Comparative balance sheet
  • Analythical balance sheet


  • In terms of concept


  • Business balance sheet
  • Consolidated-holding balances


  • In terms of balance sheet types applied in Turkey
    • Bilateral agreements stipulated by the Uniform Accounting System
    • Bilateralities stipulated by CMB Communiqué
    • Balance sheets prepared within the context of UFRS
  • According to the purpose of regulation
    • Registration statement
    • Liquidation balance sheet
    • Statement of affairs
    • Bankrupt’s certificate
    • Division (full-partial) balance sheet
    • Merger-fusion balance sheet
    • Cycle- transfer balance sheet
    • Separation balance sheet


  • On sectoral basis
    • Industry businesses balance sheet
    • Retail businesses balance sheet
    • Service sector balance sheet
    • Banking sector balance sheet
    • Insurance sector balance sheet


  • In terms of legal structure


  • Private company balance sheet
  • Ordinary partnership balance sheet
  • General partnership balance sheet
  • Limited company balance sheet
  • Corporation balance sheet
  • Cooperative balance sheet
  • Foundation balance sheet
  • Association balance sheet

Income table

  • Account type income table
  • Report type income table

Fund Statement

Cash-flow Statement

  • Direct method
  • Indirect method




Statement of Profit Appropriation


Statement of Changes in Equity


Net Working Capital Statement of Changes in Equity


Statement of Cost of Goods Sold



The Financial Statement Analysis is maked an analysis by using the above tables and techniques. Assessment of future cash flows and / or projections are made, credibility of the company, growth, development and investment potentials are evaluated.


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