Career Opportunities with the cooperation of Grupas Consultancy&Quintiq

Grupas Consultancy’s Founder Partners Erol ÖZDEN and Selami Güven ANTAL, Grupas Consultancy Executive Board Member& Head of Grupas Quintiq Turkey Numan BAYRAK, Quintiq Jr. Consultant Sevde BÜYÜKDOĞAN got together with Student from University of Sabancı between 1pm-3pm on 28th February 2018. The event has started with the presentation of Grupas Consultancy by Erol ÖZDEN. Then, Numan BAYRAK and Sevde BÜYÜKDOĞAN have presented Quintiq presentation. Sevde BÜYÜKDOĞAN has informed younger friends about their progress in their career with personal development opportunities at Quintiq that provides international and solution-oriented work environment

After the presentations, it was got to the question and answer part and all the questions that participants were curious were answered.


If the candidate's technical knowledge is sufficient in the recruitment process, what other features should be?

We prefer people who are questioning, especially those who have learned something from the environment in which they are asking and questioning. The excitement and enthusiasm of the employee is very important. The people who find the job they love, whichever work they do, are absolutely successful.

What are the differences the recruitment and internship process ?

Recruitment and internship process are handled separately. Employee that is recruited, do not start to be recruited as an intern. In recruitment you can follow below processes;
• -> Send your CV
• Grupas Gelişim -> 1st Interview
• Combustion Test
• Quintiq -> 2nd Interview (via Skype)
• Online Training -> Quintiq Academy
• Demo Challenge -> 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands Quintiq Headquarters

What are opportunities provided during internship?

Interns work improvement studies in different sectors. They analyze by packaged software that they had learnt in the lectures. Candidates who complete the process start as a Junior consultant. Junior consultants practically work with senior consultants in workshop

Optimization company is carried out in two ways. Is Quintiq software sold together or in separate packages like SAP?

Quintiq is not an ERP program. It works with more complicated structures than SAP. Quintiq software links the stages in scheduling dimension and connects with KPIs.

We would like to thank Sabancı University and Tea Talks with CEO's Club for their hosting. To get information about career opportunities;


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