Blue-collar Employee Communication and Management

Organizations can provide customer satisfaction with the participation and contribution of all employees. In this sense, one of the important problems of companies is employee satisfaction and commitment. While human resources policies are created, companies focus on the targets which targets white collar workers. Blue collar workers are often seen as employees who are not on the same terms with other employees. Making action plans to raise sense of belonging and to provide firm loyalty; it is necessary for employees to invest not only in their compulsory education by law but also in their personal and professional development, and include blue collar employees to the social organisations. Managing in the right ways and methods provides positive feedback in areas of commitment, morale, and motivation of blue collar employees.

Purpose of Training:

Today's competitive world organizations are forced to evaluate their resources in the best and the right way. The most important source of organizations is energy, creativity, loyalty and productivity of human power. Sustainability of organizations where blue collar / white collar blending is so intense and even affecting business outcomes is at serious risk. In this training, it is aimed to deal with the blue collar myths with the participation of the manager who works with the blue collar and the employees of the related department. Thus, it is possible to talk about what needs to be done for effective and correct blue collar communication and management.

Content of Training:

• Legends which is created for blue collar employees.
• The bases of the conflicts between blue collar and white collar employees.
• Fight against invisible walls (blue and white collar stereo type discourses)
• Communication bases
• Relationship and communication management
• Perception management and communication plan
• Blue collar attitudes and behaviors
• Safe behavior against aggressive, passive and passive / aggressive behavior
• Able to handle tough people
• Blue-collar performance blocks
• Motivation approaches for blue-collar workers,
• Teamwork with blue collar
• Generations and blue collar in business life.
• To give feedback and performance management to blue collar employees.
• Things to do for blue collar training and things to do.
• Neden mavi yakalı kazanılmalı?
• Basic steps and approaches to be taken.


First, middle and upper level managers, human resources, administrative employees and other related departments who work with blue collar employees.


1 Day

Training Requirements:

Training room, projector, white board, flipcharts, colored pens, colorful stickers, preparation of the board for teamwork (A4 paper), sticky tape, audio systems for video , voluntary participation of attendants.