Time Management

Do you love life? Then do not squander time, for that’s time stuff life is made of.

Benjamin Franklin

Purpose of Training:

By providing participants with a more accurate view of time and life with the right techniques; to obtain working habits that produce more effective results. Thus, it is possible to increase productivity, improve personal performance, and achieve applicable skills about time management. In addition to basic knowledge, participants will be able to understand themselves better and will be able to plan their own personal approaches through proper ways and methods.

Content of Training:

• How do we manage our time?
• How do we use our time?
• How do we use time according to urgent and important criteria? (priority matrix)
• To live business life and private life according to priorities
• Effective ways to manage time
• To live according to roles and goals
• The importance of planning and writing plans
• Transforming goals into tasks and activities
• Someone that wastes one's time
• What are your zaman hırsızı? Deal with someone that wastes one's time
• To cope with instability and postponement
• To save time with deputisation and effective meetings
• Time-saving tools and approaches
• Effective life management


Managers and montly paid employees who aim to improve their priority, planning and organization and time management skills.


1 Day

Training Requirements:

Training room, projector, white board, flipcharts, colored pens, colorful stickers, preparation of the board for teamwork (A4 paper), sticky tape, audio systems for video, voluntary participation of attendants.